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Perfect Cremations process is simple and quick to help you arrange everything you need for a proper cremation of your loved one. Check out our simple process that can take less than an hour to finalize all arrangements and can be completed in less than two weeks!

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Step 1

Give us a call or contact us online

The first step is getting in touch with us by giving our staff a call and letting us know that you require our direct cremation services for your loved one.If you are in an emergency and don’t know what to do, then our company is the one you can trust by only giving us one call and getting emergency cremation service in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. You can also contact us online. We are available on both sides. While contacting us, you have to share details of your location and whatever you want; our team will be very cooperative. A phone call is important because our team has to be aware of the situation first then you have to move on to the other step

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Step 2


After the initial phone call, our compassionate staff will set up a detailed consultation to discuss the details and timeline for the process. We will give you a quote for the services you chose and provide a tentative schedule.After completing the first step, you must get in constant touch with our team. After that, you should provide detailed information to discuss the whole process and consult with our professionals about the perfect decision for you. Then our professionals will tell you about our services in Las Vegas so that you can select and get a tentative schedule. You can also discuss your budget plan so that we can provide you with services according to your affordable budget.

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Step 3

Direct Cremation Process

During the cremation process we will collect the body of your loved one to bring it to the facility with utmost respect and care. The cremation will be done using eco-friendly and professional methods without any hassle or stress on your part. In this, our team collects the body of your family member or loved one with utmost care and respect during the cremation process. Our professionals will do the whole process using professional and eco-friendly methods without any stress or hassle on your part.

Direct cremation does include the memorial or funeral and acts as an affordable alternative. We have specialists, caring and licensed professionals that can provide direct cremation services in a dignified way of honoring your loved one. 

Our package of direct cremation service includes,

  • Cremation process
  • Transportation of the dead body to the Crematory
  • Climate-controlled holding capacity
  • Preparing and filing the death certificate
  • Cremation container
  • Arrangement conference
  • County and state permit fees
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Step 4

Delivery Of The Ashes

The final step of our direct cremation process is delivering the ashes to our clients. We offer both hand delivery and sending the ashes through trackable mail. You can choose the urn from several options depending on your budget and you can even collect the ashes in-person from our facility if you wish to do so. The final and last step of the direct cremation process is to deliver the ashes to our clients. We provide you with ashes in 2 ways:

  • You can get ashes by hand delivery, 
  • Our team can also send the ashes through track able mail. It only depends on the budget and the way you select from different options. 
  • You can also get the ashes by hand from our facility.

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is an affordable alternative that does not include a funeral or a memorial. At Perfect Cremations, we offer direct cremation services with the help of caring and licensed professionals and trained specialists for a meaningful way of honoring your loved one. Our direct cremation services package includes:

What makes us different?

Transparency, Affordability, and Compassion.

We genuinely care!

No one should have to worry about a financial burden while losing their loved one.

We are here to secure your peace of mind.

We also have the fastest turnaround time for cremation with the lowest cost. No more waiting weeks or months to have closure.

In Loving Memory...

Find out what our past clients have to say about our compassionate and professional direct cremation services for their loved ones.

“After my mom’s passing, I was devastated. Hiring Perfect Cremations to handle the cremation arrangements was the best idea as they handled everything with compassion and professionalism while I dealt with my grief.”
Sarah J.
“I am so glad I chose Perfect Cremations for my nans funeral arrangements. Their no pressure, streamlined and compassionate process made everything so much easier while allowing my family to say goodbye to nan the way she deserved!”
Abigail S
“After losing our child, my partner and I could hardly keep up with what needed to be done while drowning in grief. Perfect Cremations took care of everything from the cremation process to delivering the ashes. Our little Jamie now sits on our mantelpiece and is forever a part of our family, thanks to the angels at Perfect Cremations.”
David W.

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